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Font Licensing

PLEASE READ the following typeface license agreement before installing TD Fonts.

LICENSE AGREEMENTBy installing TD Fonts onto any computer or media device you agree to accept all of the terms and conditions stated in this contract.

1. SOFTWARE USAGE. You agree to install this software on one computer only. Installation onto a local area network is prohibited without paying a “Multiple-User Site Licensing Fee” in an amount which corresponds to the number of computers you wish to have access to this software, or the number of computers you actually plan to install this software onto (see section 5, below).

2. COPYRIGHT. These fonts and the vector outlines of each individual character in any given typeface are created by the T. Devishvili as objects of art, and are protected by copyright. They cannot, therefore be copied or reproduced in any way.

3. TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP. This software may be sold to a third party so long as no backup copies are kept by the original licensing party, either on a diskette, on a hard drive or any other storage medium or device. To rent, lease or lend this software is prohibited.

4. ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING. When sending a document to a service bureau, printer or to a client or proofreader, TD Fonts may be embedded into portable electronic documents and PDF (Portable Document Format) files as long as the recipient of the file understands that they are not to distribute, duplicate or make any additional copies of the file. When creating such a file, fonts must be embedded using subsetting, and the security permissions must be set to allow only printing and viewing. TD Fonts may NOT be embedded into portable electronic documents and PDF (Portable Document Format) files if the documents are intended for mass distribution. Neither may fonts be included with or embedded into a software application which will later be mass distributed. If a document is intended for public distribution, the fonts must be converted into a TIFF, GIF, JPEG or other image format.

5. MULTIPLE-USER SITE LICENSING. When you purchase TD Fonts at the regular catalog prices, you are licensed to use those fonts on only one workstation. If you wish to install the fonts onto additional computers located at the same physical address, or to make them accessible to additional computers through a local area network, then you are required to pay an additional licensing fee. The amount payable is dependent on the number of computers you wish to license them on. You are prohibited from providing this software to any other company or outside users, except where the other company will be using these fonts exclusively for the preparation of a project on your behalf. While this is an exception to the rule for your convenience, it assumes that this will not be a frequent circumstance. You agree to provide any such outside users with a copy of this “Agreement”, and agree to inform them that they are obliged to delete all copies of the TD Fonts which you provided once the given project has been completed.

How To Calculate Additional Licensing Fee: Our basic prices include licensing for installation onto 1 computer. Additional licensing comes at 3 on 1 computer (CPU). If you are licensing a 3-font family and wish to install it onto 2 additional computer, the added fee would be:

3 x (number of fonts) x (number of CPUs) = 3 x 3 x 2 = 18


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