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Zaal Lobzhanidze




    Regular participation in “Spring”, “Fall”, “Christmas” and “Easter” exhibitions in Tbilisi, Georgia since 1980.
    One-man-shows: “Tbilisi House of Arts” – 1985, “Tbilisi History Museum” -1990, “Tbilisi New Gallery” -1992, “Abzeit Gallery”, Berlin, Germany - 1993, “ Vincent Gallery”, Tbilisi -1997.
    Group exhibitions of young painters: “Merany Gallery”, Tbilisi – 1994, “White Gallery
”, Tbilisi – 1994, “Central Art Hall”, Tbilisi – 1997,1998,1999.

    My works belong to private collections in Georgia, Ireland, Germany, Scotland, Finland, France, USA and to collections of several prominent companies.

Reference for ZaLo

    In his artworks ZaLo expresses the deep understanding of general basics of painting and at the same time reflects his unique ability of individualistic transformation of forms, that eventually features originality and  self-expression of his creations. Both, the power of color spot and the technique of writing by means of paints are equally accessible for him.
    The spectrum of his genre painting is also diverse: figurative compositions, landscapes, animalistic paintings, abstracts and etc.  And the most significant feature of ZaLo’s art is that one can feel his soulful power and honest attitude towards the object, which he artistically transforms for visitors. ZaLo’s  art is an authentically aesthetic phenomenon.

Vladimir Assatiani  Ph.D

Head of  Fine and Applied Arts Department

Tbilisi State University

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