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Amatoure Graphic Artist


   TeDe Studio is small company oriented to the Internet Publishing and design of personal or business presentations concerning costumers interest for WWW.
   We also provide complete services in graphics design. Our products include full range of artistry graphics such as Corporate Logo, Corporate Letterheads, Brochures, Booklets, CD-presentations, Georgian TrueType fonts, etc...


●  Latest new version Georgian Keyboard Enhancer includes old Georgian typefaces and Euro currency sign. Download FREE Georgian Keyboard Enhancer "TD-GeoLa" for Windows 2000/XP.

●  Download FREE UNICODE Georgian fonts

●  Renewed Version "Litnusx.ttf" and "Acadnusx.ttf" Georgian fonts, now include 3 encoding support: standard english, georgian standard (for win98/ME) and unicode (winXP).
This fonts is good choise for edit or view old text documents and webpages.
Download FREE Litnusx.ttf  and Acadnusx.ttf  fonts.





    TD Fonts

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